Angelina Jolie Restroom Shoot
Restroom. Crap. In one sentence. Who ever would’ve thought on a sensible blog like this? However, after using the loo suddenly became a major issue for transgender people in de US we can surely state ‘using the restroom’ is firmly part of the ‘gender binary crap’ we experience as a society on a daily basis. And therefor: Restroom. Crap. In one sentence.

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70ies inspired OOTD wearing a faux suede miniskirt by River Island with a dark yellow vintage blouse and a faux fur sheerling coat as the lovely Spring weather has taken a turn for the worse here in Amsterdam...

Hey you lovelies! Sorry for missing Wednesdays’ post, I’ve not been able to concentrate AT ALL. Writing something interesting just wasn’t in the cards this week…

Lately I’m having some difficulties setting my priorities straight and managing my schedule in general. It feels like time is running away with me while I’m trying to keep all aspects of my life afloat. Being, or more adequately put, feeling busy seems to be a normalised aspect of our society. But is it really so normal?

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OOTD with a new leather vintage bumbag / fannypack from Episode Amsterdam. Bumbags are a festival fashion favourite of mine but I've never been able to find one I absolutely loved, until now that is! I've styled it with a vintage black Levi 501 shorts, a blouse and a arrangement of necklaces feeling sort of stereotype hipster but I'm ok with that I guess :P

So… I guess I’m officially a hipster now?

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Essence Longlasting Lipstick Nude English review about cruelty free, budgetproof lipsticks "Matt Velvet 07". "Matt Velvet 08", "Don't Stop the Nude"

This lipstick addict just had to get herself a few more cruelty free lipsticks! For 2,39 a piece how could you resist the Essence Longlasting Lipstick Nude / Velvet Matt line?  Essence added some lovely nude-ish and surprising colours to it’s catalog so I was interested to check them out!

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OOTD with this 90ies inspired maxi dress with cut-out shoulders and racer neck I found at the market. First days of Summer so legs out

The first rays of sunshine always make me feel so happy! Especially since recently I’ve been biting off a bit more than I can chew schedule wise I’m looking forward to simply sitting in the sun and reading a book… Regaining some energy and upping my vit D levels.

Whenever I take on too much one of the first things that get’s left behind is my reading schedule. It’s really a shame because I love reading as it’s a wonderful way to keep cultivating yourself. For instance, right now I’ve just started on ‘I think, therefor I am: All the Philosophy you need to know‘ by Lesley Levene about the history of Western Philosophy. What are you guys reading? Any recommendations?

I think I just might end this 90ies inspired OOTD post now. Take a little stroll in the sun, find a nice place to read my book… Finding perfect Spring bliss before having my wisdom teeth pulled out and simply being in total agony. #somuchyay

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Festival Fashion streetstyle report at Vrijland 2016 celebrating our national holiday (5 mei). Vrijland was held at the lovely terrain on Blijburg aan Zee in Amsterdam and we got to shoot a lot of awesome people! Which look do you like best?

Last week I attended Vrijland Festival at the lovely location Blijburg aan Zee! The atmosphere was great, the music on point and the weather was lovely… What more could you possibly want when celebrating the national Dutch holiday on the 5th of May?

Check out all these lovely people I got to capture in this Festival Fashion streetstyle report!

Feeling inspired yet? Which look would you wear? Let me know in the comments below <3

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Only thing missing is a broom.... Wearing a very Salem approved outfit with this black maxi skirt, thrifted grey turtleneck & black floppy hat... Shot on the streets of Amsterdam East!

Only thing missing is a broom…. Wearing a very Salem approved outfit with this black maxi skirt, thrifted grey turtleneck & black floppy hat… Shot, as almost always, on the streets of Amsterdam East!

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Joy Bomer Everyday Escapism Bnn Dictator

What started out as a personal reflection on participating in BNN’s TV show Dictator ended up as a critical reading on fast society, a reminder of the importance of rhetorics and an appeal to multilaterality as opposed to one-sidedness… #youbetterprepareforalongblogpostnow

I got a lot of questions about my participation in BNN’s show ‘Dictator’ which aired this week on Dutch TV. I’d been asked to join other TV programs before but I always declined as I only want to participate in something I’d watch myself… Sky High TV promised me this ‘social experiment‘ was genuine, relevant and fun but also with substance so I decided to go join in!

Turned out the other participants and I were dropped off in a fictional established and functioning dictatorship ruled by ‘Our beloved Leader’. The aim was to show how people function under authority and group-pressure while also invigorating the young viewers interest in politics. Power relations is something that’s always interested me a lot so I was excited about the experiment. Foucault, Gramsci & Bourdieu here we come!

After receiving some questions and reading some positive (and not so positive) reviews and opinions I decided to do a little post about my own personal experiences regarding my participation in BNN’s Dictator. In the strange world of TV editing can sometimes come out differently and viewers are almost always quick to judge… How do I feel about this on a personal level? What are my points of critique on Dictator and on TV/society in general? After seeing the results, would I participate in something like this again?

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pale pink velvet fashion & interior inspiration on Everyday Escapism #tumblraf #llushiousness2.0

WARNING: you might get slightly obsessed about pale pink velvet after this post and may want to implement it in your fashion choices and interior design…

There’s something wonderfully lush about velvet. The richness of the texture, the luxurious feel, the changing of the fabric when you rush your hand against the grain. I normally go for velvet in dark colours to heighten the lavishness of velvet but lately I’ve found myself drawn more and more to soft pink velvet.

Soft pink can, of course, be extraordinarily girly. And, it can certainly grow a little tacky quickly (pink velour tracksuits, anyone?) but I do love the contrast between the richness and tenderness of soft pink velvet.

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#lushiousnessdeluxe #hotlinebling

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Sportswear / athletic inspired 90ies look with this AA tennis skirt, turleneck & vintage silk bomberjacket. Shot at Albert Cuyp market in the South of Amsterdam

Seriously Joy… You’re showing us your bomber jacket AGAIN?

Yep I know. Guilty as charged. I’m simply so in love with my new vintage bomber I’ve been wearing it constantly. It’s the perfect in-between jacket for Spring: giving coverage from wind without being too warm. So in other words, you can expect to see more of this jacket on the blog!

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