OOTD | The Essence of Comfort-6

The essence of comfort clothes: loose fitting, natural materials. 
The ability to easily breath, not feel confined by your outfit.

This day I was looking for just that, comfort before anything. This knitwear jumper is one of my favourite chillwear items. I thrifted it once at the Ijhallen fleamarket for only a euro or two! It’s divinely slouchy and the beautiful nude-pink tone goes with almost anything <3

I added my vintage silk trousers to the mix and paired it with some chunky platforms to give the look a bit more glam. Because everything was getting a bit too oversized I put half of my kitted jumper in my trousers to still show a bit of waist. This day I had a lot of errands to run so I really wanted some comfortable clothes without looking like a complete slouch… What are your go-to outfits on hectic and busy days?

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Business as Usual OOTD with this vintage oversized tweed blazer my friend Malou found on the streets. I added a small belt to accentuate the waist a little more. Because this vintage find is a little short to wear as a dress alone I wore my black American Apparel tennis skirt underneath! Hope you guys like this look

A lot of people have been anxiously awaiting this day…. What’s it going to be: Brexit or Bremain? With only a slight majority the people in the UK voted out. What’s your thoughts on this?

Ever since I first got interested in politics I’ve been a bit sceptical about the EU. I don’t think the EU as it’s functioning now is a solid democratic organisation. There are some serious principle problems that need to be dealt with if we want a better and truly democratic society…

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Lush Pumice Power review for Cruelty Free Summer Foot care routineThe Sun’s out more & more… Get ready to wear those sandals! Well, at least after you’ve handled those neglected Winter feet that is :/

Feet do almost all the heavy lifting in your day to day activities, yet you just know you change them short in your regular skincare routine. Here’s your chance to show them the love they deserve… in the non-fetishised sense of the word.

Today I’ll be taking you through my getting-those-tootsies-back-in-shape routine to combat dry and crackled feet with cruelty free cosmetics products. I recently got Lush Pumice Power foot scrub so I was of course eager to find out if this was (finally) a foot product that would work for me. But a good scrubbing only get’s you halfway so I’ll also show you one of my trusted budget products to combat dry skin!

#yesmyfeetarebeachbodyready #thesehashtagsmakenosense

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OOTD wearing a preppy and slightly retro outfit. A indigo tennis skirt I found at a vintage shop paired with a Primark lightblue blouse I bought a long time ago. I was really annoyed with my hair so decided to wear it in a simple updo with a embellished headband...

Unexpectedly I woke and began my usual morning routine. Fed the bunnies, made some coffee, brushed my teeth. I was about to make myself some delicious apple-cinnamon porridge… Then it hit me: A sudden surge of nostalgia.

For the first time in years I felt the irresistible urge to go back to my teenage fashion choices. Now don’t worry, neon coloured shirts were never really my thing… Actually, my fashion preferences as a 15 year old were probably more classy and feminine than anything I wear now on a regular basis.

I was really into the classic 50ies and rockabilly style where the female form is usually extremely accentuated. Even though this look is not strictly rockabilly the tongue-in-cheek preppy blouse and vintage pleated skirt really reminded my of the outfits I used to wear on a daily basis when I was in my teens.

Although there’s nothing wrong with a bit of nostalgia every now and then I happily woke up the morning after… longing for my regular attire!

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OOTD sharing my Monki pinafore / apron dress styled with a turtleneck jumper and some knitwear tights as the Summer here in Amsterdam isn't exactly there yet...

The Pinafore dress I bought full price (and I never buy anything full-price), then lost it in the midst of my wardrobe without wearing it once.

It’s probably on sale now. #fml

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Dutch Fashion blog Everyday Escapism brainstorm about consumerism, ethics of fashion & much more....Today I want to share some personal thoughts and viewpoints with regards to being a (fashion)blogger in general and about my blog in particular. I’ve been struggling with some of these things for a while now, so… it’s time for a change!

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OOTD Pastel Princess featuring an oversized Mom jeans by River Island and a Pale Pink fluffy jumper by Asos. Combined with some white platforms by Monki to get the 90ies vibe going

On a distant harddisk far, far away…. I found an outfit shoot I never published!

This pastel assembly was shot a while ago but somehow I forgot to post is. I remember being a bit stuck with the editing. Sometimes you just have those photos where your normal editing routine doesn’t give the desired results…

I found them and thought I’d give it another go! Now I’m actually quite happy with these pics. Added a little contrast, turned the exposure down a little. Little tweaks’ll get you a long way!

Hope you guys like this 90ies-vibe Pastel-Princess look… It’s certainly very Spring/Summer approved with all those light colours!

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Fashion Fanatics photo reportage by Joy Photography and interview with fashion stylist Joa AKA Herr Hitpass from Amsterdam. Learn all about his view on fashion and his signature look here on Everyday Escapism!‘Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy but mysterious. But above all black says this: ‘I don’t bother you – don’t bother me.’
– Yohji Yamamoto

Starting off this new ‘Fashion Fanatics‘ series, where I showcase inspirational fashion-minded individuals and their views on fashion, with Joa. Perhaps you’ll know him better as Herr Hitpass, an upcoming high-fashion stylist with roots in the underground (club)scene in Amsterdam.

I was intrigued to learn more about his general views on fashion and about the developement of his signature style, which is characterised by a keen eye for silhouettes, minimalism and a whole lot of black…

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OOTD featuring my new vintage long pair of black Levi 501 jeans topped with a vintage white blouse and a Jacky-O styled scarf to semi-succesfully protect my hair from the wind and rain... Ah Summer in Amsterdam ;)

The Levi 501 is one of the most, if not the most, iconic jeans design across the globe. Most of you guys probably know the 501’s as the perfect shorts for festivals and Summer boho outfits!

In my search for the perfect pair of black jeans that wasn’t either destroyed, washed out, or both I decided to take a look in some vintage shops and there it was: A pair of perfectly fitted, bum glorifying Levi 501’s.

As hasn’t isn’t exactly been super Sunny here in the Netherlands I’ve been wearing this pair loads. It’s just such an awesome basic that goes with pretty much anything! This time I decided to create a bit of a contrast in my outfit by combining my Levi’s with a feminine vintage blouse… What do you guys think?

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OOTD | Summer's Sweater Weather-5

And now for something completely different… Sweaters!

Even though it’s supposed to be nearly Summer here in the Netherlands the weather is still fluctuating between brooding and hail. In short: it’s a mess. One of my favourite things to wear in this unpredictable climate is either layers or sweater-dresses. Maybe you’ve seen my hobo-chique all layered up outfit last week so now I though I’d show you a new sweater dress I’ve recently added to my collection…

I’m showing you two option to wear this sweater-dress: Either as a normal dress or as an oversized jumper tucked into some cheeky knicker-shorts. The former is probably more reserved for festivals & other parties though 😉

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