Financial Tips & Tricks for Your Conscious, Green lifestyle on a Low Budget. Hippie Van Love

Lush Livin’ on a Low Budget…

Us modern hippie folks are sometimes -often- not terribly good with finances & figures. Maybe it’s do with a general disconcern for the capitalist financial system? However… this can get us into trouble when managing our budget. Today I’ll share with you my tips & tricks for living a green lifestyle on a low budget!

These are 6 easy steps that help me a lot with managing my finances! Setting up a budget is personal and everyone has their own way of keeping track of their finances. If you’d like to share any tips that work for you… Please do!

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Vintage & Thrifted Ethical Fashion Lookbook on Everyday Escapism

No souls were harmed during the making of this Ethical Fashion Lookbook

An Ethical Fashion Lookbook full of Vintage & Thrifted outfit ideas? Look no further! Phylicia of video production company SCREEN LABELS & I teamed up to create this lovely lookbook. It took a while to film all the outfits -the Dutch Summer was characteristically horrid- but I’m very happy to show you guys the finished results!


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Vintage Denim Dungarees OOTD with a thrifted Kawaii style blouse

Fabulously vintage or feeling more Kawaii? These denim dungarees got you covered!

These vintage denim dungarees are -without a doubt- one of my best fashion buys this year. It did take me a while to find the perfect pair of denim dungarees though! I must’ve tried about 20 pairs at several vintage shops… I have a healthy level of antipathy for shopping, especially in Summer. But I guess the whole endurance was worth it in the end: I’ve been wearing these denim dungarees loads!

The loose fit makes these denim dungarees extremely comfortable, yet they still look a bit more put together than your average comfy shorts. I like to wear them on chill days, but you can also easily dress them up with a few accessoires. With lots of tops to choose from to wear under my new vintage staple I’ll never get bored! #denimdungareesfordays

With this OOTD I wanted to dress my dungarees up a bit. The pink floral blouse -thrifted at Waterloo Market for only 1 euro- gives this look an instant Kawaii feel. I also added a white belt to accentuate my waist a little more, making the dungarees appear a little more feminine. Also, this served as the perfect excuse to wear my white vintage backpack again!

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Vintage & Thrifted OOTD for a rainy Summer's day. Wearing a leather longcoat, high-waisted denim shorts & a simple white boyfriend t-shirt...

A Vintage Leather Long Coat for a Rainy Summer Day…

I can hardy believe I found this vintage leather long coat at the thrift shop. It cost me only a few euros! Coats like these are often way too big when I stumble upon them during a thrift-shop plunder sessions. This one however fits just right!

This whole Summer I’ve also been looking for a nice, high-waisted denim shortsLevis 501 are mid-waist on me so I ended up writing them off. Fortunately while rumbling through a stack of 501’s at the Vintage Kiloshop in ‘De Pijp’ I found this beauty who’s high-high-waisted fit suits me perfectly. Big ups for second-hand shopping!

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Future Generation: The Next Day

Photo: Team Peter Stigter

Counter-culture, a Futuristic Reality & Sustainable fashion

Taking a stance against the polluting fashion industry… one hologram at a time? At least that’s what Amber Jae Slooten envisioned when she embarked on her ‘Future Generation: The Next Day‘ project which launched at Fashion Week Amsterdam this year.

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Monochrome OOTD wearing vintage levi 501's in white with a white croptop & my favourite military hat...

Vintage Levi 501’s in white this time ’round…

I did it. I bought white jeans. A vintage pair of white Levi 501’s in fact.
After long consideration I though I’d just give it a go… I’m still not completely sure what to think of it though!

These white Levi 501’s are definitely something I only wear when I absolutely feel like wearing it… for me it’s are not an item to just throw on when I don’t know what to wear.
I always got certain clothes I really need to be ‘in the mood’ for and others I can just wear regardless of my mood that day.

Is this superweird or do you guys also have this distinction of clothes?

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Fashion Fanatic Tanitha Bonitaa talking about Vintage Fashion, Festival style & Unisex clothing....

Talkin’ vintage fashion, Brigitte Bardot & unisex clothing…

The second fashion victim to feature in our Fashion Fanatics series is Tanith van Kammen. Maybe you’ll know her better as ‘Tanitha Bonitaa‘, her insta handle.

Tanith & I met at a chance encounter at Gaasperpleasure Festival when I took her picture for my Festival Fashion streetstyle report. As likeminded fashion fanatics often do we decided to keep in contact via Facebook and Insta!

Tanith was born and raised in the city of Groningen but she moved to Amsterdam recently because she’s starting at Vogue Academy this year to pursuit her career in fashion. I couldn’t think of a better fit to follow up Joa for the Fashion Fanatics posts!

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All the vegan and vegan friendly Restaurants, Lunchrooms, Squatter Cafes, Juice Bars & Snackbars of Amsterdam in one clear map

Vegan Amsterdam essentials to visit on your next trip

Vegan food in Amsterdam…Where to grab the juiciest veggie burger, find the best hummus & eat out for under a tenner. You’ll find it all in this elaborate guide to the best vegan Amsterdam has to offer!

Vegan Restaurants & Lunchrooms are marked GREEN
Vegan Squatters Cafes are marked CYAN
Vegan Grab ‘n Go Bars are marked PINK


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All Vintage outfit with a yellow suede miniskirt, thrifted green blouse, dr Martens and a captain's cap to finish the look off!

Vintage Suede Skirts & Military Hats

All vintage outfit today with a mustard suede miniskirt, thrifted green blouse, dr Martens and a captain’s cap to finish the look off! I absolutely adore this skirt I bought at Rumors Vintage a while ago but somehow I haven’t really worn it a lot… You guys probably have one of those pieces laying around your wardrobe, haven’t you?
The blouse, however, is a terrific bargain… I bought it at Waterloo market for only 1 euro and I reckon’d it’d go pretty well with my slightly neglected suede miniskirt.

Added some Docs and an old Captains hat and I felt like the lovechild of a bohemian hippie and a naughty sailor!

I’ve had a bit of a busy weekend so I’ll just keep it short this time…. Let me know in the comments if you’ve enjoyed these pics!

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Festival Fashion streetstyle report shot during Georgies Wundergarten festival at beautiful Ruigoord, Amsterdam

Get Your Daily Dose of Festival Fashion Inspo…

Festival Fashion… it’s time for some outfit inspiration! This long anticipated post is finally up and I’m pretty sure it’s my most elaborate Festival Fashion report to date. It wasn’t a big surprise that a lot of people showed up in their channeling-my-inner-boho look though as Ruigoord is just the place to let your hippie spirit roam free.

Annual festival Georgies Wundergarten takes on another level due to this magical location. A lot of people come here every year because of the relaxed vibes, beautiful decor and musical diversity. With eight stages & locations you’re bound to find something to your liking!

Take a look at this fashion impression I shot at Ruigoord this year <3

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