Festival Fashion streetstyle report shot during Georgies Wundergarten festival at beautiful Ruigoord, Amsterdam

Festival Fashion… it’s time for some outfit inspiration! This long anticipated post is finally up and I’m pretty sure it’s my most elaborate Festival Fashion report to date. It wasn’t a big surprise that a lot of people showed up in their channeling-my-inner-boho look though as Ruigoord is just the place to let your hippie spirit roam free.

Annual festival Georgies Wundergarten takes on another level due to this magical location. A lot of people come here every year because of the relaxed vibes, beautiful decor and musical diversity. With eight stages & locations you’re bound to find something to your liking!

Take a look at this fashion impression I shot at Ruigoord this year <3

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Fully vintage OOTD with a levi's denim jacket, leather high waisted shorts and a beech leaf print I found at Waterloo Market the other day...

Sportin’ the full-on-vintage look again! Just this week I found this awesome beech leaf print shirt at the famous Waterloo market in Amsterdam. Although Waterloo can get quite tourist-y it’s still also possible to find some really cheap second-hand clothes… you just need to know where to look!

Next to the usual market stalls you’ll usually find some people with piles of clothing on the floor. Although it may remind you a little too much of the worn items you’ve been accumulating in your laundry basket you’ll surely be able to find some vintage gems there! All you need is a little patience when sorting everything through. But hey, you can’t have it all when prices range from 1 to 3 euros per item 😉

Hope this little insiders tip is useful to you guys when you’re travelling to Amsterdam. Go get those hidden vintage gems!

Ehhum, but make sure to leave some for me though <3

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Lush Fun (Gold) as a cruelty free shaving cream alternative review

The Lush Fun bars… One of the few things from my favourite cruelty free beauty brand that I felt a bit awkward about!
Maybe I’m not deeply in touch with my ‘inner child’ but my first thoughts were: “Mould and play with soap under the shower? Who’s got time for that!?”

Then a helpful Lush employee hinted at a more pragmatic use… ‘Why not use it as a shaving cream?’

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Blending into the environment with this vintage halter top custom made by Episode Amsterdam & a dark green velvet skaterskirt. Let me know if you like this latest Everyday Escapism look!

Ever feel like you’re juggling with too many balls in the air?
I sure know I have! Lately I’ve noticed a slight decline in my overal health so I’ve got to decide which of the balls I’ll leave laying on the floor for now… Of course my health is always my nr. 1 priority and now that I’ve noticed my fibromyalgia pain and energy levels getting worse I’ll have to cut down on some other area in my life like friends and also this blog. Just wanted to give you guys a little heads-up as to why you haven’t seen as many blogposts here.

I’m still working on the ideas I mentioned in this post earlier but it’s just all going a little slower than expected. I want to get some awesome quality content your way! However, due to the current situation that means posting a little less often… I hope you guys understand <3

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Washing my hair with horse shampoo? Did these cruelty free Mane 'n Tail products magically make my hair grow?Who doesn’t want long lushious hair? In the search for my childhood dream (aka waist-length Disney Princess hair) I found myself in the dark edges of the beauty blogger web reading reviews of Mane ‘N Tail products. Yep, that’s right: horse shampoo. 

People’ve been recommending Mane ‘N Tail to me for a while now as I’ve been trying (since pretty much forever) to grow my hair to my waist. I’m a chick on a mission so after checking if these products originally intended for horses were in fact cruelty free I went to my local African Beauty Shop to try them out! (you’d be surprised how many products intended for animals are cruelly tested on other animals… If it weren’t so sad it’d be ironic)

So… Did these horse products magically make my hair grow? Were they moisturising enough for my dry and damaged hair?

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Feeling slightly normcore and slightly anti-fashion with this sport socks in sandals combo. It reminds me of my grandfather, and that's probably why I like it. Go childhood nostalgia! Go ugly fashion! (black sandals by ASOS, silk bomber is vintage)

It’s probably considered one of the biggest crimes in fashion. Plus there’s a good chance your grandfather used to style his sandals with these snazzy extras… Cause who likes cold feet, even if it might be Summer?

You can probably guess what I’m talking about… Yep, that’s right: Socks in sandals. Lately I’ve been having a strange fascination with socks. White sport socks to be more precise. I’ve always had a secret love affair for all things generally considered ugly. We as a society are always so focused on making everything more glamorous and beautiful, I feel that that’s lost it’s interest a bit…

More and more I feel myself drawn to people, fashion and art where beauty standards are consciously challenged. Something that makes us ask: What is beauty, anyways? And also, what makes things ugly? I guess that’s where my fascination with anti-fashion comes from. Just because our unfashionable granddad used to wear socks in his sandals doesn’t mean it can’t create an interesting look!

Let’s celebrate socks in sandals, a hommage to our grandfathers in disguise <3

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OOTD Blume wearing a black maxi skirt with floral print by ASOS and a off-the-shoulder lace top by River Island. Feeling very boho and somewhat Spanish... Time for Summer!

After a few days of constant rain I’m happy the Dutch weather is finally becoming a little more sunny! Sun always makes me happy and I’m most definitely more a Spring/Summer person. I love the effortlessness of being social en going out more in these seasons!

Due to my new pain relief meds however I’m feeling a bit drowsy and clumsy so I probably won’t go out a lot, maybe just read a book on my balcony and soak up some vitamin D…

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DR. Wayne W. Dyer quote about life

We all know the feeling… Running around with a million things on your mind, constantly feeling like you’re forgetting something important.

Welcome to the #AD(H)DLIFE

This sort of work-mode can leave you feeling rather unproductive, as you’re spending most of your time worrying about things you might be forgetting instead of checking off your to-do’s one by one. To counteract these stressful feelings I bring you a simple solution: the Weekly Brain Dump.

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OOTD | The Essence of Comfort-6

The essence of comfort clothes: loose fitting, natural materials. 
The ability to easily breath, not feel confined by your outfit.

This day I was looking for just that, comfort before anything. This knitwear jumper is one of my favourite chillwear items. I thrifted it once at the Ijhallen fleamarket for only a euro or two! It’s divinely slouchy and the beautiful nude-pink tone goes with almost anything <3

I added my vintage silk trousers to the mix and paired it with some chunky platforms to give the look a bit more glam. Because everything was getting a bit too oversized I put half of my kitted jumper in my trousers to still show a bit of waist. This day I had a lot of errands to run so I really wanted some comfortable clothes without looking like a complete slouch… What are your go-to outfits on hectic and busy days?

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Business as Usual OOTD with this vintage oversized tweed blazer my friend Malou found on the streets. I added a small belt to accentuate the waist a little more. Because this vintage find is a little short to wear as a dress alone I wore my black American Apparel tennis skirt underneath! Hope you guys like this look

A lot of people have been anxiously awaiting this day…. What’s it going to be: Brexit or Bremain? With only a slight majority the people in the UK voted out. What’s your thoughts on this?

Ever since I first got interested in politics I’ve been a bit sceptical about the EU. I don’t think the EU as it’s functioning now is a solid democratic organisation. There are some serious principle problems that need to be dealt with if we want a better and truly democratic society…

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