# 6 Months No New Clothes Challenge

6 months no new clothes challenge for ethical green fashion!

Change the world, one outfit at a time

The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. Especially the dyeing and colouring process is facilitated by a mix of harsh chemicals. This chemical cocktail is often dumped in the water, without much consideration about the damage it causes to our planet. Just check out the Citarum River, which holds the dubious reputation of being the most polluted river in Indonesia!

We also know very well our fancy fast-fashion items aren’t created out of thin air. For every 5 dollar shirt we buy a person is making that shirt for an unfair wage in unsafe working conditions.

The fast fashion industry is not something I want to be a part of any longer. As you might’ve read in my Struggles with being a Fashion Blogger Blogpost I’m making a conscious decision to only buy ethical fashion from now on!

A better world starts with YOU so check the video below & join me for this #6MONTHSNONEWCLOTHES CHALLENGE!


The official #6MONTHSNONEWCLOTHES starts January 1st so expect more updates & post in the new year <3

Let me know what sort of videos/blogposts you’d like to see!
I can do a thrift-shop haul or a video showing you my favourite vintage pieces? Styling tips & tricks specifically for second-hand shopping? If you have any suggestions for this #6MONTHSNONEWCLOTHES adventure let me know in the comments!

Make a commitment to change the world, one outfit at a time! 
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Thanks for the support everyone, hope you’re having a wonderful day!



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