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Fashion Fanatics - Hailey Palace of BlissIn today’s Fashion Fanatics photo-series a fellow blogger whom I got to know on my quest for Fair Fashion delights. Dutchies might know Hailey from her blog Palace of Bliss where she talks about veganism, yoga and a conscious lifestyle!

Hailey started out studying law, later working as a labor lawyer. A couple years in she decided to dive in the deep end and pursue the things that truly make her happy. Excited to read more about Hailey’s take on fashion? Hit ‘Read More’!


Holland is renowned for it’s flat, manufactured landscapes. The iconic green “polder” meadows spring to mind. You won’t find dark, dismal valleys here nor peaks that touch the sky. We simply are most comfortable in the middle. The Dutch landscape as an epitome of our national mindset of ambivalence. No wonder the Dutch political structure of negotiations, compromises and cooperation has been dubbed “the poldermodel“.

“Polderen” is all fine ‘n dandy, but sometimes you find yourself craving something more. The beautiful dunes on the island of Terschelling take me back to a more rugged sense of nature. Wilderness versus a walk through the park. The landscape there has a sort of quality to it that can only be obtained by letting nature run it’s course…


Fashion Fanatics | Joanne Make People Stare Blog

Today’s Fashion Fanatics post features the lovely Joanne; a freelance fashion stylist & model but above all passionated fashion enthusiast. My fellow Dutchies might recognise Joanne from her fashion blog! Here she shares her daily looks, backstage reports on photoshoots & much more fashion related goodness.

Click ‘more’ to check out the two looks we shot last week & read up on Joanne’s views on fashion & fondness of the colour black.

Attack of the 50 FT woman OOTD. First outfit shoot with my new second hand Nikkor 28mm manual focus lens

Trying out the Nikkor 28MM lens…

Seeing myself through the 28MM lens -as opposed to the Pentax 50MM I used to use- made feel a like a giant. Surreal amongst my surroundings, the city landscape at my feet, the tall buildings at my fingertips. The result of these test pictures immediately made me think of one of my favourite PJ Harvey songs:

”Hey I’m one big queen
No one can stop me
Red light, red green
Sat back, I’m watchin’
I’m number one
Second to no one
No sweat I’m clean
Nothin’ can touch me

I’ll tell you my name
Fifty foot queenie
Force ten hurricane
Biggest woman
I could have ten sons
Ten Gods
Ten queens
Ten foot and risin'”

The song 50 FT Queenie was inspired by the b-film Attack of the 50 FT Woman. I have yet to see it, though it’s definitely on my list. I’ve linked the YouTube video, and for the sake of pure 90ies nostalgia you should watch it before continuing reading this blogpost <3


DIY: Natural Ylang Ylang Essential Oil Hair PerfumeHow To: DIY Essential Oil Hair Mist

We all know spraying perfume on your hair is bad. The alcohol in your perfume makes your hair die a very slow and very painful death. It will leave your beautiful locks quench for thirst & turn into a sahara-esque crown of straws. You do not want this. Please don’t do this do your hair.

But I get it… You still want lovely scented locks. No worries, I got you covered! Instead of regular perfume, use an awesome homemade essential oil hair mist! This DIY is supersimple, budgetproof & -most importantly- not damaging to your hair. Check how to make your own natural hair perfume here!


OOTD Ice Queen Everyday Escapism

Winter Galore

Lately I’ve begun to appreciate Winter more than I ever have. I was never much of a Winter lover as I’m always cold. But this year the country of the Netherlands -usually characterised by it’s dreary and, most of all, unremarkable climate-  got treated to a few days of real, cracklin’ snow. The kind that makes a nostalgic crushing sound as you tread carefully through the streets…


Fashion Fanatics interview with "The Titty Mag" co-founder Cathelijne Blok

For this Fashion Fanatics edition I’m meeting up with Cathelijne Blok. Maybe you’ll know her as the co-founder of Dutch online magazine ‘The Titty Mag‘, who’s in-depth interviews always provide a refreshing read on my Facebook feed! Or maybe you’ve seen her in the new T.I.T.S. store campaign?

Behind-the-scenes Cathelijne also works as a Creative Concept Developer at TV network BNN-VARA. In the Netherlands BNN-VARA is renowned for their innovative TV shows which focus on youth culture, social criticism & breaking of taboos. She landed this job after studying Art History at the University of Leiden where she specialised in photography & feminism.

But apart from all this Cathelijne also is a Fashion Fanatic extraordinaire with a knack for anything sparkly & vintage!

Click read more to see the complete photo series & to learn more about Cathelijne’s views on fashion <3


Green Fashion: Secrets to Succes for Shopping Second Hand Clothes

Picture by Suze Cato

6 Green Fashion Shopping Tips

Ethical fashion often means shopping for second hand clothes. At least, it sure does for us budget-conscious fashionistas! There are loads of upsides to vintage fashion: uniqueness & excellent materials to name but a few. However, shopping for second hand clothes can also be a bit of a hassle…

Ever came home with a thrifted jeans that turned out to have a broken zipper? Never see your size at the thrift shop? I’ve got some green fashion tip for you! Click ‘read more’ to check out all the Secrets to Succes for Shopping Second Hand Clothes!


Conscious green fashion OOTD with a vintage blazer and captain hat

Lately I’ve been thinking about a lot of new art projects! I’ve got some really cool photography projects in mind and I’m also trying to paint & write more often. Of course that’s all really fun but that also means I might be focussing less on this blog…

Ideally I would do both. But I’m still being treated for Lyme’s Disease and I’ve also recently found out I’ve got a slight vitamin D deficiency. I haven’t really got enough energy for all the things I set my mind on unfortunately… Lately it feels as if I’m juggling too many balls in the air again and I notice my body resisting. What do you guys think?

On a lighter note: enjoy this OOTD! It’s vintage and green and conscious all the way! I’m flirting with masculine fashion a bit so that’s why I chose this pretty blazer…


Lush Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar Review A Favourite Lush Valentines Day special review

For today’s cruelty free beauty review we bring you… The most bubblicious bubble bar Lush has ever made! The Lush Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar is a Valentines Day special so make sure to stop by at a shop soon if you’d like to get it!