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DIY: Natural Ylang Ylang Essential Oil Hair PerfumeHow To: DIY Essential Oil Hair Mist

We all know spraying perfume on your hair is bad. The alcohol in your perfume makes your hair die a very slow and very painful death. It will leave your beautiful locks quench for thirst & turn into a sahara-esque crown of straws. You do not want this. Please don’t do this do your hair.

But I get it… You still want lovely scented locks. No worries, I got you covered! Instead of regular perfume, use an awesome homemade essential oil hair mist! This DIY is supersimple, budgetproof & -most importantly- not damaging to your hair. Check how to make your own natural hair perfume here!


Lush Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar Review A Favourite Lush Valentines Day special review

For today’s cruelty free beauty review we bring you… The most bubblicious bubble bar Lush has ever made! The Lush Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar is a Valentines Day special so make sure to stop by at a shop soon if you’d like to get it!


Lush Soap Bars Review for Dry Skin & Winter HandsHarsh Winter weather is murder for your precious hands, especially when you’ve got dry skin already! Thankfully these lovely Lush soaps are great to combat dry, itchy skin. Cruelty free, vegan friendly & awesomely moisturising… What more could you want from soap!?

Oh, and they smell superawesomefreakingfantastic too!


Lush Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub & Lip Balm Review + GiveawayThere been a LOT of LUSH on this blog lately. But is there ever too much Lush? I guess not!
Check out the Lush Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub & Lip Tint review here and make sure to scroll down all the way down for a nice surprise…


5 go to Lush body products for dry skin

The Lushies Skincare Guide for the Survival of Winter

Winter is coming up & that means the struggle for us dry-skin-people is going to be even more real. #thuglife
Thankfully I’ve got some wonderful Lush body products for dry skin listed for you today!

You guys have been reading my Go-To Lush Products for Dry Skin with massive enthusiasm so I thought it would be fun to write another one, but this time sharing my favourite Lush Moisturising Body Products to nurse your dry Winter skin back to health. Winter is in fact coming, and we can use all the help we can get!


Lush NL PR/bloggers event Halloween / Winter 2016 collection

As you guys know Lush is one of my favourite cruelty free cosmetics brand out there! From dry hair products to skincare favourites… I love everything Lush!


Without trying to come off -too much- as an obsessed manic, you can probably imaging I was pretty stoked to be invited to the Lush Halloween / Winter 2016 press event. A few other bloggers & I got an exclusive preview of the upcoming collection before they hit the Lush shops! So, what can you expect for the Lush 2016 Halloween & Winter collections?

There’s a lot for you to look forward to! Next to some exciting limited editions for both Halloween & Winter this 2016 collection is also Lush’s first collection which is entirely self-preserving. How awesome is that huh!?

Let me take you through some of my top picks of the upcoming Lush Halloween / Winter 2016 collection & give you a peek of the Lush Press Event!


Lush Fun (Gold) as a cruelty free shaving cream alternative review

Lush Fun Bar Review & Alternative Uses

The Lush Fun bars… One of the few things from my favourite cruelty free beauty brand that I felt a bit awkward about!
Maybe I’m not deeply in touch with my ‘inner child’ but my first thoughts were: “Mould and play with soap under the shower? Who’s got time for that!?”

Then a helpful Lush employee hinted at a more pragmatic use… ‘Why not use it as a shaving cream?’


Washing my hair with horse shampoo? Did these cruelty free Mane 'n Tail products magically make my hair grow?

Mane ‘N Tail for Long Lushious Hair…

Who doesn’t want long lushious hair? In the search for my childhood dream (aka waist-length Disney Princess hair) I found myself in the dark edges of the beauty blogger web reading reviews of Mane ‘N Tail products. Yep, that’s right: horse shampoo. 

People’ve been recommending Mane ‘N Tail to me for a while now as I’ve been trying (since pretty much forever) to grow my hair to my waist. I’m a chick on a mission so after checking if these products originally intended for horses were in fact cruelty free I went to my local African Beauty Shop to try them out! (you’d be surprised how many products intended for animals are cruelly tested on other animals… If it weren’t so sad it’d be ironic)

So… Did these horse products magically make my hair grow? Were they moisturising enough for my dry and damaged hair?


Lush Pumice Power review for Cruelty Free Summer Foot care routine

Natural Footcare Routine for Summer-ready Feet

The Sun’s out more & more… Get ready to wear those sandals! Well, at least after you’ve handled those neglected Winter cracked feet that is :/

Feet do almost all the heavy lifting in your day to day activities, yet you just know you change them short in your regular cruelty free skincare routine. Here’s your chance to show them the love they deserve… in the non-fetishised sense of the word.

Today I’ll be taking you through my getting-those-tootsies-back-in-shape routine to combat dry and cracked feet with cruelty free cosmetics products. I recently got Lush Pumice Power foot scrub so I was of course eager to find out if this was (finally) a foot product that would work for me. But a good scrubbing only get’s you halfway so I’ll also show you one of my trusted budget products to combat dry skin & cracked heels!

#yesmyfeetarebeachbodyready #thesehashtagsmakenosense


Essence Longlasting Lipstick Nude English review about cruelty free, budgetproof lipsticks "Matt Velvet 07". "Matt Velvet 08", "Don't Stop the Nude"

This lipstick addict just had to get herself a few more cruelty free lipsticks! For 2,39 a piece how could you resist the Essence Longlasting Lipstick Nude / Velvet Matt line?  Essence added some lovely nude-ish and surprising colours to it’s catalog so I was interested to check them out!