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FASHION FANATICS | SUZE CATOIntroducing Suze Cato, AKA the queen of outfit flat lays. You may have seen her cool 90ies inspired outfits pop up on your Instagram feed! This 22 year old Fashion Fanatic is currently living in Amsterdam where she did some awesome internships at Vice and NSMBL. Want to know more about Suze’s view on fashion? Hit the continue reading button <3


Fashion Fanatics with Kenneth AsimengKenneth is a well known face in the Amsterdam nightlife scene, either working backstage as an Artist Handler or controlling the guestlist as a doorbitch at club Marktkantine yet also finding time to do some dancing at the occasional techno party. His presence is one you won’t easily overlook, both his lengthy model-esque stature and his genderfuck outfits see to that! Other fashion enthousiast might also know Kenneth from the runway, as he walked in several shows this season for HKU graduates such as Hedwig Vervoort


Fashion Fanatics - Hailey Palace of BlissIn today’s Fashion Fanatics photo-series a fellow blogger whom I got to know on my quest for Fair Fashion delights. Dutchies might know Hailey from her blog Palace of Bliss where she talks about veganism, yoga and a conscious lifestyle!

Hailey started out studying law, later working as a labor lawyer. A couple years in she decided to dive in the deep end and pursue the things that truly make her happy. Excited to read more about Hailey’s take on fashion? Hit ‘Read More’!


Fashion Fanatics | Joanne Make People Stare Blog

Today’s Fashion Fanatics post features the lovely Joanne; a freelance fashion stylist & model but above all passionated fashion enthusiast. My fellow Dutchies might recognise Joanne from her fashion blog! Here she shares her daily looks, backstage reports on photoshoots & much more fashion related goodness.

Click ‘more’ to check out the two looks we shot last week & read up on Joanne’s views on fashion & fondness of the colour black.

Fashion Fanatics interview with "The Titty Mag" co-founder Cathelijne Blok

For this Fashion Fanatics edition I’m meeting up with Cathelijne Blok. Maybe you’ll know her as the co-founder of Dutch online magazine ‘The Titty Mag‘, who’s in-depth interviews always provide a refreshing read on my Facebook feed! Or maybe you’ve seen her in the new T.I.T.S. store campaign?

Behind-the-scenes Cathelijne also works as a Creative Concept Developer at TV network BNN-VARA. In the Netherlands BNN-VARA is renowned for their innovative TV shows which focus on youth culture, social criticism & breaking of taboos. She landed this job after studying Art History at the University of Leiden where she specialised in photography & feminism.

But apart from all this Cathelijne also is a Fashion Fanatic extraordinaire with a knack for anything sparkly & vintage!

Click read more to see the complete photo series & to learn more about Cathelijne’s views on fashion <3


Fashion Fanatic Tanitha Bonitaa talking about Vintage Fashion, Festival style & Unisex clothing....

Talkin’ vintage fashion, Brigitte Bardot & unisex clothing…

The second fashion victim to feature in our Fashion Fanatics series is Tanith van Kammen. Maybe you’ll know her better as ‘Tanitha Bonitaa‘, her insta handle.

Tanith & I met at a chance encounter at Gaasperpleasure Festival when I took her picture for my Festival Fashion streetstyle report. As likeminded fashion fanatics often do we decided to keep in contact via Facebook and Insta!

Tanith was born and raised in the city of Groningen but she moved to Amsterdam recently because she’s starting at Vogue Academy this year to pursuit her career in fashion. I couldn’t think of a better fit to follow up Joa for the Fashion Fanatics posts!


Fashion Fanatics photo reportage by Joy Photography and interview with fashion stylist Joa AKA Herr Hitpass from Amsterdam. Learn all about his view on fashion and his signature look here on Everyday Escapism!‘Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy but mysterious. But above all black says this: ‘I don’t bother you – don’t bother me.’
– Yohji Yamamoto

Starting off this new ‘Fashion Fanatics‘ series, where I showcase inspirational fashion-minded individuals and their views on fashion, with Joa. Perhaps you’ll know him better as Herr Hitpass, an upcoming high-fashion stylist with roots in the underground (club)scene in Amsterdam.

I was intrigued to learn more about his general views on fashion and about the developement of his signature style, which is characterised by a keen eye for silhouettes, minimalism and a whole lot of black…