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Holland is renowned for it’s flat, manufactured landscapes. The iconic green “polder” meadows spring to mind. You won’t find dark, dismal valleys here nor peaks that touch the sky. We simply are most comfortable in the middle. The Dutch landscape as an epitome of our national mindset of ambivalence. No wonder the Dutch political structure of negotiations, compromises and cooperation has been dubbed “the poldermodel“.

“Polderen” is all fine ‘n dandy, but sometimes you find yourself craving something more. The beautiful dunes on the island of Terschelling take me back to a more rugged sense of nature. Wilderness versus a walk through the park. The landscape there has a sort of quality to it that can only be obtained by letting nature run it’s course…


Attack of the 50 FT woman OOTD. First outfit shoot with my new second hand Nikkor 28mm manual focus lens

Trying out the Nikkor 28MM lens…

Seeing myself through the 28MM lens -as opposed to the Pentax 50MM I used to use- made feel a like a giant. Surreal amongst my surroundings, the city landscape at my feet, the tall buildings at my fingertips. The result of these test pictures immediately made me think of one of my favourite PJ Harvey songs:

”Hey I’m one big queen
No one can stop me
Red light, red green
Sat back, I’m watchin’
I’m number one
Second to no one
No sweat I’m clean
Nothin’ can touch me

I’ll tell you my name
Fifty foot queenie
Force ten hurricane
Biggest woman
I could have ten sons
Ten Gods
Ten queens
Ten foot and risin'”

The song 50 FT Queenie was inspired by the b-film Attack of the 50 FT Woman. I have yet to see it, though it’s definitely on my list. I’ve linked the YouTube video, and for the sake of pure 90ies nostalgia you should watch it before continuing reading this blogpost <3


OOTD Ice Queen Everyday Escapism

Winter Galore

Lately I’ve begun to appreciate Winter more than I ever have. I was never much of a Winter lover as I’m always cold. But this year the country of the Netherlands -usually characterised by it’s dreary and, most of all, unremarkable climate-  got treated to a few days of real, cracklin’ snow. The kind that makes a nostalgic crushing sound as you tread carefully through the streets…


Conscious green fashion OOTD with a vintage blazer and captain hat

Lately I’ve been thinking about a lot of new art projects! I’ve got some really cool photography projects in mind and I’m also trying to paint & write more often. Of course that’s all really fun but that also means I might be focussing less on this blog…

Ideally I would do both. But I’m still being treated for Lyme’s Disease and I’ve also recently found out I’ve got a slight vitamin D deficiency. I haven’t really got enough energy for all the things I set my mind on unfortunately… Lately it feels as if I’m juggling too many balls in the air again and I notice my body resisting. What do you guys think?

On a lighter note: enjoy this OOTD! It’s vintage and green and conscious all the way! I’m flirting with masculine fashion a bit so that’s why I chose this pretty blazer…


knitwear dress boho OOTD for Winter

‘the age of red is over, the time of black has begun’

Maybe a little dramatic but it is true nonetheless. As I’m typing this I’m no longer a redhead… After 5 long year I thought it was time for a change!

I still really, really like the bright quirky red hair. Tori Amos galore! But I also thought it was becoming a little predictable and monotone. I could no longer identify with my red hair and, at the same time, was getting a little annoyed people predominately seemed to identify my by my red hair!

Something had to change! With my new hairstyle I also felt invigorated to try out new clothing combinations. For one, because this coupe is far more neutral, I can get away with a lot more colour combinations! Possible downside: wearing all black + makeup makes me looks like a 15 year old Goth. I’m going to be asked for my ID a lot more!

Want to check out the non-redhead me? I’ve already posted some pics on Insta!


OOTD - Winter WonderLand-8

A walk through the somewhat snowy Flevopark

Night temperatures have been steadily below zero these last few days. Whenever this happens most Dutchies typically go into this hysterical “ice-skating craze”. Generally, all common sense is abandoned as people are hoping for the chance to skate a 200 Kilometer tour (see: elfstedentocht). Previously endured afflictions include but are not limited to: amputated toes & frozen eyeballs.

Ehm, I think I’ll just stick to a walk in the lovely Flevopark this Winter…


OOTD Something Witchy with Vintage Black Velvet bodycon dress with Golden Embroidery

While hiking through the wonderful forest & dunes of Terschelling with my grandparents and sister I couldn’t resist a little witchy OOTD shoot. It was awfully windy during the Christmas holidays but luckily the trees provided us with enough cover. The landscape of Terschelling really is incredibly beautiful and versatile <3

Lately I’ve been quite inspired to do more nature photography again… Naturally, I took my camera with me wherever I went! Halfway through this family walk we also encountered some unexpected friends: A herd of Icelandic Horses!

Enjoy the pics!



After celebrating my 25th birthday last Wednesday I was completely exhausted and a tad bit surprised by a leftover flu virus. I wanted nothing more but to snuggle up in bed, watch LOTR & experiment to see if people are also able to hibernate ;)

However, the Holidays are coming up so it’s no time for Winter Blues! I need to get the lasts gifts for my family sorted and prep for the journey ahead. Traveling to a (somewhat) distant island with two bunnies, an OOTD worthy wardrobe selection & Christmas gifts is no small matter!

Hope you’re all going to have a wonderful time this Christmas <3


Autumn OOTD with my beloved vintage checkered coat. Tweed in wonderful autumnal 70ies colours!

I’m in the kitchen with the Post-Berlin Blues…

My city trip to the amazing German capital Berlin left me completely drained of energy for an entire week! That’s why you haven’t really heard from me after I returned to Amsterdam. Fear not, I have successfully escaped the everlasting Berghain-Sisyphos-KitKatClub-KaterBlau clubbing cycle and have safely returned home.

You won’t miss out one bit though. I’ve got a big Berlin post planned! Check back in at Everyday Escapism this week and it’ll be awaiting for your reading pleasure <3
I’ll share my experiences with budget city tripping per bus, show you guys some non-touristy sightseeing wonders & much, much more!

In the meanwhile I would like to present… my new and improved brows! It’s a hate it or love it thing I guess but I’m really happy with the change in my aesthetics!



“Each golden day was cherished to the full, for one had the feeling that each must be the last. Tomorrow it would be winter.” – Elizabeth Enright

Reflecting on Indian Summers & the shifting of the seasons…

Indian Summer is a time of the year very dear to me. There’s something inherently nostalgic about it. But how can something be inherently filled with nostalgia when it’s an ongoing phenomenon? Does this make the Indian Summer an oxymoron? Maybe Indian Summer only sets about an contradictory feeling in me. I just love the strange sensation of appreciating the sunny weather to the fullest because I know it will be over shortly.

I hereby christen Indian Summer the Sakura of the seasons! If you can actually call this Summer-Autumn inbetweener a proper season. Just like the Japanese Blossom it symbolises the ephemeral nature of life and that’s probably why I feel drawn to it so much…