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Vegan Lunchroom Koffie Ende Koeck in AmsterdamYay, vegan food is becoming really popular in Amsterdam! Vegan lunchrooms are popping up everywhere in the Dutch capital. Koffie Ende Koeck, however, has been a pilar of the vegan food community from the very start. Way back when ‘vegan’ was still considered ‘extremist’, ‘incredibly alternative’ or downright ‘rabbitfood’, Maartje was already baking the best vegan pies, crumbles & cakes.

If you’re looking for an inspiring vegan lunchroom in Amsterdam, Koffie Ende Koeck should definitely be on your list!


Vegan Food in Amsterdam: All the vegan and vegan friendly Restaurants, Lunchrooms, Squatter Cafes, Juice Bars & Snackbars of Amsterdam in one clear map

Where to Find the Best Vegan Food in Amsterdam?

Vegan food in Amsterdam…Where to grab the juiciest veggie burger, find the best hummus & eat out for under a tenner. You’ll find it all in this elaborate guide to the best vegan Amsterdam has to offer!

I’ve listed ALL the vegan venues I could find to give you guys the most thorough list to choose from. As you can tell Amsterdam has recently caught the “vegan bug” so more and more vegan food venues are opening up.

Vegan Restaurants & Lunchrooms are marked GREEN
Vegan Squatters Cafes are marked CYAN
Vegan Grab ‘n Go Bars are marked PINK

It was a lot of work looking up all these awesome vegan food venues, forging it all into a readable blogpost & designing the corresponding map but I’m incredibly happy with the final results!

I hope this post will help you discover all awesome vegan friendly venues the Dutch capital has to offer. Enjoy the vegan food in Amsterdam when you’re stopping by!



10 quick & easy vegan sandwich ideas you've got to tryDo you sometimes get a little stuck on your vegan lunch ideas? Don’t have time everyday to make an elaborate quinoa salad? Today I’ll let you in on a little vegan secret… I’m sharing my top 10 go-to quick & easy vegan sandwich ideas!


vega/vegan friendly Hotspot Cafe De School in Amsterdam (West)After visiting De School a few times at night to bounce to the fine Techno beats Aimee and I decided it was time for a daytime visit. Oh, how very decent of us!

Former founders of the notorious Trouw opened De School just this year. Just like Trouw this venue is not only an international nightclub but also a restaurant and cafe. Restaurant Trouw was always famous for it’s high focus on veggies so I was delighted to hear that the food at De School would also serve us vega(n)’s well… Excited to see what all the fuzz is about? Check out this sneak peek of luncharea Cafe de School!


Casual OOTD with a slight 60ies / 70ies vibe on Everyday Escapism featuring a cable knitted oversized vintage jumper, casual-chic slacks by Forever21 and a black H&M boater hat

Winter is coming! That means more film tips, recipes and hotspot articles on this blog. So why not start with a lunchroom I’ve been meaning to write about ever since it first opened over a year ago. Of course I’m talking about vegan lunchroom DopHert!


ebergizing beetroot ginger juice with apple juice recipe (vegan)Hi Lovelies,

I haven’t done a recipe in a while so I thought it would be fun to share this simple juice recipe with you guys! We probably all know our standard fruit shakes and smoothies but I personally didn’t venture into the homemade beetroot juice for quite some time… ‘Why on earth didn’t I’ is a question I ask myself every time I drink my yummy homemade beetroot shake now because it’s just as easy as any other smoothie.

The main ingredients in this shake, beetroot and ginger, are known energizing and anti-inflammatory ingredients. The apple juice adds some extra vitamines and makes it even more yum<3


5 foodie tips to keep you cool during summerAlthough today may not be exceptionally warm and sunny the Summer is (finally) upon us! Welcome long summer nights, festivals, picknicks in the park and… general misconceptions about food. What’s good for us to eat when the temperatures rise and what’s not? Which foods have a cooling effect on out body and which ones should we skip?



Very Berry vegan baked oats with blueberries and raspberries

Ok, so I accidentally deleted the ‘professional’ photos of this vegan baked oats dish so my Instagram photo will have to do… This very berry baked oats dish is super fancy breakfast for sure, especially topped with the Prof. Grunschabel raspberry vegan ice cream. Only thing missing is a glass of champagne on a lazy Sunday morning….


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OMG, first Tag ever! For today’s food article I thought I’d browse the world wide web in search of a fun tag as I’ve never ever done one before. Great Body Skin answered these questions before so I just copies them here <3 (more…)

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FOOD | Vegan Wakame Noodle Salad with Edame Beans

This simple vegan salad is absolutely perfect when you’re craving some Japanese food nommings! The wakame helps me with my iodine intake which I’ve talked about shortly in a previous post. It’s a real simple salad which can be prepared in 15 minutes or less (and therefor beats sushi no matter how much of an expert sushi master you are).

I normally only eat a wakame salad when I order sushi but thankfully I’ve now found an Asian supermarket where they sell frozen wakame: yay fore more wakame!