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Vegan Lunchroom Koffie Ende Koeck in AmsterdamYay, vegan food is becoming really popular in Amsterdam! Vegan lunchrooms are popping up everywhere in the Dutch capital. Koffie Ende Koeck, however, has been a pilar of the vegan food community from the very start. Way back when ‘vegan’ was still considered ‘extremist’, ‘incredibly alternative’ or downright ‘rabbitfood’, Maartje was already baking the best vegan pies, crumbles & cakes.

If you’re looking for an inspiring vegan lunchroom in Amsterdam, Koffie Ende Koeck should definitely be on your list!


New Year Resolution for a Happy Green Hippie Life

What small changes can you make to live your life a little more green & conscious? Maybe this New Years Resolutions post can give you some inspiration!

Normally I’m not really into New Years Resolutions. I don’t have to lose 10 kilos or set up a rigorous sport schedule. I’m pretty content with my life as it is. Beside, I don’t need a specific date to change the things I do want to change about myself… I do that year ‘round!

But maybe I can work a little green-conscious-hippie-vibes into this New Year Resolutions post. I’m listing a few small points below that will not only make my life more awesome, but also benefit our planet!

Some of the stuff I’m talking about may seem like a lot of work, and -to be honest- that’s why I’ve been putting them off for far too long! Other points are things I enjoy doing, but sometimes don’t take enough time for when life get’s a little hectic.

This post is therefor also a little reminder to make more time for doing the things we enjoy most! 

Are your happy green hippie New Years Resolutions in the list? Check it out below!



From Couch Potato to YouTube Yoga Fanatic

I never thought this day would come. I’ve never been a very athletic person. In fact, I was one of those kids that was picked out last at PE. So imaging the surprise to be able to tell you guys that I’m now working-out at least 4 times a week!?

Yep, that’s right! And it’s all thanks to YouTube and it’s wonderful Yogi’s who upload awesome yoga home practises. From beginner to pro, the YouTube database is bound to have some yoga lessons for everyone!

Check out this post to see why I chose Yoga home practises via YouTube instead of a Yoga class at the gym. I’ll also list some of my favourite (beginner) YouTube videos. Who knows, maybe you’re going to be a 4-times-a-week-youtube-yogi as well! #sofit #sohealthy


Lush NL PR/bloggers event Halloween / Winter 2016 collection

As you guys know Lush is one of my favourite cruelty free cosmetics brand out there! From dry hair products to skincare favourites… I love everything Lush!


Without trying to come off -too much- as an obsessed manic, you can probably imaging I was pretty stoked to be invited to the Lush Halloween / Winter 2016 press event. A few other bloggers & I got an exclusive preview of the upcoming collection before they hit the Lush shops! So, what can you expect for the Lush 2016 Halloween & Winter collections?

There’s a lot for you to look forward to! Next to some exciting limited editions for both Halloween & Winter this 2016 collection is also Lush’s first collection which is entirely self-preserving. How awesome is that huh!?

Let me take you through some of my top picks of the upcoming Lush Halloween / Winter 2016 collection & give you a peek of the Lush Press Event!


Financial Tips & Tricks for Your Conscious, Green lifestyle on a Low Budget. Hippie Van Love

Lush Livin’ on a Low Budget…

Us modern hippie folks are sometimes -often- not terribly good with finances & figures. Maybe it’s do with a general disconcern for the capitalist financial system? However… this can get us into trouble when managing our budget. Today I’ll share with you my tips & tricks for living a green lifestyle on a low budget!

These are 6 easy steps that help me a lot with managing my finances! Setting up a budget is personal and everyone has their own way of keeping track of their finances. If you’d like to share any tips that work for you… Please do!

Hit the ‘continue reading’ button to see how I index my finances, set up a budget & find free or cheap alternatives that are completely sustainable!


Future Generation: The Next Day

Photo: Team Peter Stigter

Counter-culture, a Futuristic Reality & Sustainable fashion

Taking a stance against the polluting fashion industry… one hologram at a time? At least that’s what Amber Jae Slooten envisioned when she embarked on her ‘Future Generation: The Next Day‘ project which launched at Fashion Week Amsterdam this year.


Vegan Food in Amsterdam: All the vegan and vegan friendly Restaurants, Lunchrooms, Squatter Cafes, Juice Bars & Snackbars of Amsterdam in one clear map

Where to Find the Best Vegan Food in Amsterdam?

Vegan food in Amsterdam…Where to grab the juiciest veggie burger, find the best hummus & eat out for under a tenner. You’ll find it all in this elaborate guide to the best vegan Amsterdam has to offer!

I’ve listed ALL the vegan venues I could find to give you guys the most thorough list to choose from. As you can tell Amsterdam has recently caught the “vegan bug” so more and more vegan food venues are opening up.

Vegan Restaurants & Lunchrooms are marked GREEN
Vegan Squatters Cafes are marked CYAN
Vegan Grab ‘n Go Bars are marked PINK

It was a lot of work looking up all these awesome vegan food venues, forging it all into a readable blogpost & designing the corresponding map but I’m incredibly happy with the final results!

I hope this post will help you discover all awesome vegan friendly venues the Dutch capital has to offer. Enjoy the vegan food in Amsterdam when you’re stopping by!



DR. Wayne W. Dyer quote about life

We all know the feeling… Running around with a million things on your mind, constantly feeling like you’re forgetting something important.

Welcome to the #AD(H)DLIFE

This sort of work-mode can leave you feeling rather unproductive, as you’re spending most of your time worrying about things you might be forgetting instead of checking off your to-do’s one by one. To counteract these stressful feelings I bring you a simple solution: the Weekly Brain Dump.


Dutch Fashion blog Everyday Escapism brainstorm about consumerism, ethics of fashion & much more....

Fashion Blogger Struggles discussing Green Fashion, Excessive Consumerism & the importance of a Blogging Niche…

Today I want to share some personal thoughts and viewpoints with regards to being a (fashion)blogger in general and about my blog in particular. I’ve been struggling with some of these things for a while now, so… it’s time for a change!


Joy Bomer Everyday Escapism Bnn Dictator

What started out as a personal reflection on participating in BNN’s TV show Dictator ended up as a critical reading on fast society, a reminder of the importance of rhetorics and an appeal to multilaterality as opposed to one-sidedness… #youbetterprepareforalongblogpostnow

I got a lot of questions about my participation in BNN’s show ‘Dictator’ which aired this week on Dutch TV. I’d been asked to join other TV programs before but I always declined as I only want to participate in something I’d watch myself… Sky High TV promised me this ‘social experiment‘ was genuine, relevant and fun but also with substance so I decided to go join in!

Turned out the other participants and I were dropped off in a fictional established and functioning dictatorship ruled by ‘Our beloved Leader’. The aim was to show how people function under authority and group-pressure while also invigorating the young viewers interest in politics. Power relations is something that’s always interested me a lot so I was excited about the experiment. Foucault, Gramsci & Bourdieu here we come!

After receiving some questions and reading some positive (and not so positive) reviews and opinions I decided to do a little post about my own personal experiences regarding my participation in BNN’s Dictator. In the strange world of TV editing can sometimes come out differently and viewers are almost always quick to judge… How do I feel about this on a personal level? What are my points of critique on Dictator and on TV/society in general? After seeing the results, would I participate in something like this again?

I’ll try to share my thoughts, elaborate and bring some much needed nuances in this post <3 (more…)