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Awesome Fashionable Workspace

As I’ve recently discovered populair RSS feed readerĀ Bloglovin’ can cause your monthly pageviews to drop enormously. Although blogging shouldn’t be about desperately trying to reach a certain amount of visitors keeping track of your pageviews and visitors (with Google Analytics) can be important for the continuing growth of your blog…

Lots of media agencies, brands and advertisers look for a certain amount of pageviews before collaborating and such collaborations can take your blog to the next step! Especially for small blogs likes mine this small adjustment might give your blog the extra nudge it needs and might open the way to new possibilities!


a090b7baac258a97ad1a9edd2c698c2eWe all know Facebook can sometimes be a little bitch when it comes to bureaucracy… One of the most annoying things Facebook page admins come across is the inability to change their Facebook pages’ name once they pass 200 likes. Here I’ll show you how to request a new name for your 200+ Facebook page.