Cruelty Free Beauty | Washing my Hair with Horse Shampoo!?

Washing my hair with horse shampoo? Did these cruelty free Mane 'n Tail products magically make my hair grow?

Mane ‘N Tail for Long Lushious Hair…

Who doesn’t want long lushious hair? In the search for my childhood dream (aka waist-length Disney Princess hair) I found myself in the dark edges of the beauty blogger web reading reviews of Mane ‘N Tail products. Yep, that’s right: horse shampoo. 

People’ve been recommending Mane ‘N Tail to me for a while now as I’ve been trying (since pretty much forever) to grow my hair to my waist. I’m a chick on a mission so after checking if these products originally intended for horses were in fact cruelty free I went to my local African Beauty Shop to try them out! (you’d be surprised how many products intended for animals are cruelly tested on other animals… If it weren’t so sad it’d be ironic)

So… Did these horse products magically make my hair grow? Were they moisturising enough for my dry and damaged hair?

F E E L I N G  B L U E ?

I’ve been meaning to write this review for a while now but I just hadn’t gotten around to it! As you guys probably know my health still isn’t 100% so sometimes I just lack the energy to write a proper review…. In the meantime I in fact have tried other hair products than Mane ‘N Tail as I just keep on going back and forth hair products wise. Initially I was rather fond of Mane ‘N Tail but after a while I decided to stop using it though.

As my hair is really dry and damaged I chose the ‘Mane ‘N Tail Deep Moisturising’ line. My hair is basically always need of more moisture so it was a no-brainer for me. When first using it I was surprised to see these beauty products are blue! Gave me a weird, sort of unnatural feeling so I don’t really get why the manufacturer chose blue to be honest… The scent of both Mane ‘N Tail products is also OK but nothing too spectacular. So far pretty medium.

Post-shower Mane N’ Tail did the job like you’d expect of any shampoo & conditioner combo: My hair was clean yet moisturised (although I did need some extra coconut oil to moisturise my ends).

T H E  B I G G E R  T H E  B E T T E R

After a few uses I noticed my hair was in good condition moisture-wise while it also was extremely voluminous, almost poofy. Normally, poofy hair is a telltale sign my hair is way too dry and I end up looking more like 13 year old Hermoine Grainer as opposed to a voluminous vixen/Disney princess. With Mane ‘N Tail nothing like this was happening though…. I’d gotten big hair without all the negatives normally associated with big hair! #YAY

I told a friend of mine about Mane ‘N Tail and she, in all the enthusiasm, also bought the shampoo + conditioner: We’re well on the way to becoming a certified pony club.
After trying it out for several months she told me it significantly improved the overal condition of her hair. Her hairdresser even confirmed that her hair had been breaking less, and therefor appeared to be growing quicker!

I myself also noticed an improvement in my hair growth but, to be completely honest, I can’t tell for sure wether it’s due to using Mane ‘N Tail. Right around that periode of time I started taking better care of my hair in general and also began taking Solgar vitamins daily… A lot of things can explain a sudden spur of hair growth!

D O W N S I D E S . . .

After using both the Mane ‘N Tail shampoo & conditioner from the Deep Moisturising line nearly up I started noticing my scalp getting a little itchy… It generally felt as though my skin was a little dry and uncomfortable which led me to conclude Mane ‘N Tail maybe wasn’t moisturising enough for my extremely dry and damaged hair. Same thing with the hair growth dilemma: it could of course be other things that caused my scalp to feel slightly irritated. Maybe it was the transitional weather? Maybe I’d been wearing hats a lot more than normally?

I’ve stopped using Mane ‘N Tail for a while now and I have to say that scalp-wise everything’s returned to normal. Although Mane ‘N Tail does contain SLS I’ve never had a bad reaction to that before so I doubt that’s the culprit… When I’ve finished off my Inecto shampoo & conditioner I’m thinking about going back to Mane ‘N Tail again, just to check if the same reaction takes place!

What do you guys think? Have your ever tried these horse products yourself?

Oh, and if you have any hair grow secrets you’d like to spill please let me know in the comments below <3



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  • Christina Elisabeth Keller

    I would just like to clarify that it’s for horses, and its never meant to actually touch the skin (you use something else for the overall body), so it doesn’t have those properties, and horse shampoo is meant to be used at a max once a week although it’s not recommended to use it more than twice a month, so I don’t think it’s good for regular washing. Also it’s not scented for humans and formulated in a way to minimize the wet horse scent. The blue color is meant to neutralize piss stains in white haired horses. I hope that this help clarify some of the problems you have had with it :)
    – A horse groomer