Fashion Fanatics | Cathelijne Blok

Fashion Fanatics interview with "The Titty Mag" co-founder Cathelijne Blok

For this Fashion Fanatics edition I’m meeting up with Cathelijne Blok. Maybe you’ll know her as the co-founder of Dutch online magazine ‘The Titty Mag‘, who’s in-depth interviews always provide a refreshing read on my Facebook feed! Or maybe you’ve seen her in the new T.I.T.S. store campaign?

Behind-the-scenes Cathelijne also works as a Creative Concept Developer at TV network BNN-VARA. In the Netherlands BNN-VARA is renowned for their innovative TV shows which focus on youth culture, social criticism & breaking of taboos. She landed this job after studying Art History at the University of Leiden where she specialised in photography & feminism.

But apart from all this Cathelijne also is a Fashion Fanatic extraordinaire with a knack for anything sparkly & vintage!

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C A T H ‘ S  V I E W  O N  F A S H I O N

I get a huge smile on my face when I see beautiful things and interesting people. I know I sound like a romantic but the most beautiful are the persons who are themselves.  They’ve got something going on I can’t even describe in words!

I’m a real aesthetic and I can see something beautiful in the smallest of details. I love using small accessorises or jokes in my outfits to surprise other peoples, when they pay a bit of attention. It almost feels like sharing a little secret with someone by wearing a crazy tit pin or interesting jewellery like a Pussy Pendant -yes a pink vagina on a golden necklace- or an eye-ball ring.

C A T H ‘ S   S I G N A T U R E  S T Y L E

I got outfits from my extravagant grandmother and great-aunt and mix them with outfits from the cute and original store TITS. That store is amazing! For me it’s important, that the treasure for finding an amazing item is already an experience. I love to buy or wear something that has a story. So it’s not strange that I like to browse through the amazing vintage in stores like Marbles Vintage and Vijzel Vintage.

All those beautiful vintage clothes have their own unique story and must be worn again to create some new stories. When I am on vacation I also visit vintage shops abroad for instance in NY or Paris. The people working there, give me inspiration!

I can’t describe my own style in one word, but one of my best friends sometimes summarises me as ‘a futuristic glitter queen stuck between now and the 70s/60s’. For me style is something you love to create and wear and what makes you unique. Of course that is different for everyone, but that makes it even more inspiring!

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