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Fashion Fanatics - Hailey Palace of BlissIn today’s Fashion Fanatics photo-series a fellow blogger whom I got to know on my quest for Fair Fashion delights. Dutchies might know Hailey from her blog Palace of Bliss where she talks about veganism, yoga and a conscious lifestyle!

Hailey started out studying law, later working as a labor lawyer. A couple years in she decided to dive in the deep end and pursue the things that truly make her happy. Excited to read more about Hailey’s take on fashion? Hit ‘Read More’!

Hailey of Palace of Bliss blog interview in Fashion Fanatics seriesHailey of Palace of Bliss blog interview in Fashion Fanatics series

H A I L E Y ‘ S  V I E W  O N  F A S H I O N

Whether you like fashion or not, everyone wears clothes. Since wearing clothes is something no one can (really) go without, I find it important that people are aware of where their clothes are made and under what conditions. Nowadays clothes are so easy to find and so cheap, clothes have lost their value. Clothes became disposable articles, that you can throw away after wearing it a few times.

But unlike most things, clothes are not made by machines, but by people. And your clothes travel all over the world, before they end up in your closet. Why? Because it is cheaper to sew every piece of a shirt together in 7 different countries, than to go through that process just in one.

In my opinion everyone should be more aware of all the labour that it takes for your clothes to become yours. And that is why I created my blog Palace of Bliss, to inform people about the story of their clothes and to offer them alternatives. 

Hopefully this will contribute to people treating their clothes with more respect. Also I hope that this will open the eyes of people, so that they only buy clothes that they really love. Because human hands made our clothes and their labour shouldn’t go unappreciated.

H A I L E Y ‘ S   S I G N A T U R E  S T Y L E

You probably know the quote “black is my happy colour”. This quote fits me like a glove! Ever since I was a child I have worn black clothes. Not because I am a dark person, not at all! It’s because somehow I feel like the best version of myself when I wear black. I’ve tried wearing colours, but nothing compares to black!

Other than black, I love everything that shines and glitters. I love the uniqueness of clothes that have details like this. They make me feel special, and who doesn’t like to feel special, right? I love to combine these shiny details with more basic clothes, so I don’t end up looking like a paradise bird!

Further, I would describe my style as casual chic. I don’t own any jeans and I almost always wear skirts. I love blazers and heals. So, if you see someone passing by in black, glittery clothes on heals, there is a good chance that someone is me!

Hope you enjoyed this new edition to the Fashion Fanatics series! You can check out the previous editions HERE.

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