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Today’s Fashion Fanatics post features the lovely Joanne; a freelance fashion stylist & model but above all passionated fashion enthusiast. My fellow Dutchies might recognise Joanne from her fashion blog! Here she shares her daily looks, backstage reports on photoshoots & much more fashion related goodness.

Click ‘more’ to check out the two looks we shot last week & read up on Joanne’s views on fashion & fondness of the colour black.

J O A N N E ‘ S  V I E W  O N  F A S H I O N 

As a little girl, I was already fascinated by fashion. I didn’t want to follow the crowd. Not just because I wanted to be different, but because I had the urge to be myself. Clothing was (and still is) a way to express myself. Fashion is full of creativity, imagination and some weird feelings. Once I read this quote from Sarah Mower on the Vogue site and it accurately described my thoughts: ‘’The essence of fashion – something that makes you feel a bit queasy and puzzled for a few seconds, but then, just as quickly shoots into the bloodstream as desire.’’ It’s just so much more than a piece of fabric. For me, it’s a feeling of freedom. Everyone with this kind of freedom of expressing himself should be grateful. Maybe it’s a beautiful materialistic way of self-love.

J O A N N E ‘ S  S I G N A T U R E  S T Y L E 

My style is very dependent on my mood. Throughout the years I have tried so many different things. From super preppy to skater girl, from neon yellow pants to camouflage skirts. After all, most outfits were certainly not a big success, but I feel happy I’ve tried it all. Now I could describe my signature style best as edgy with a girly touch. I have this weakness for the color black (yes, I think this really is a color), but also get excited about clothing with a crazy striking print. Boys tees, denim jackets and jeans are my all-time favorite basics.

Make sure to look up Joanne’s blog or follow her on Insta <3
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