Green Fashion: Secrets to Succes for Shopping Second Hand Clothes

Green Fashion: Secrets to Succes for Shopping Second Hand Clothes

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6 Green Fashion Shopping Tips

Ethical fashion often means shopping for second hand clothes. At least, it sure does for us budget-conscious fashionistas! There are loads of upsides to vintage fashion: uniqueness & excellent materials to name but a few. However, shopping for second hand clothes can also be a bit of a hassle…

Ever came home with a thrifted jeans that turned out to have a broken zipper? Never see your size at the thrift shop? I’ve got some green fashion tip for you! Click ‘read more’ to check out all the Secrets to Succes for Shopping Second Hand Clothes!

1. Always Do a Thorough Check

As much as I love second hand & vintage shopping, pre-owned clothes do require a thorough examination. Do the zippers work? Aren’t there any holes in the fabric? Check, check & check again!

It sucks to find out your fair fashion items are faulty when you’ve already taken them home…

2. Get to Know the Materials

If you’re interested in fashion it’s always a good idea to get a little knowledgeable about materials. Natural fabrics like silk, wool, cotton or linnen are generally of higher quality than spandex or polyester so those are the ones I -mostly- look out for when I’m shopping for second hand clothes!

3. Size Really Doesn’t Matter

Sizes in vintage clothing can be really off… Don’t rely on labels too much! I’ve bought clothes sized 46+ while I’m usually a 38. Instead of focussing on the size charts on labels try getting better at making assessments about clothing items, materials (elastane or no?) & your body type.

4. Sex Really Doesn’t Matter Either

Ugh… gender-bias is SO last season. Check out the men’s section once in a while! I often find a lot of hidden vintage fashion treasures here. Almost all my favourite t-shirts are men’s shirts in fact!

5. Only Buy It if You’re Going to Wear It

I get that the amount of awesomeness to be found in thrift shops & vintage stores can be a bit overwhelming. I honestly do. But you might want to enforce some restraint and be selective when building your green fashion wardrobe.

Having said that, cheap second hand clothes are a great way to try out a style if you’re still unsure it’s totally something you’re comfortable with!

6. Get to Know Your Favourite Vintage Shop’s Schedule

Second hand fashion isn’t really restock-able. Therefor it’s essential to get your hands on the gems before some other green fashionista get’s to them first! I always ask my regular thrift shops when they restock the clothing items.

These 6 tips really help me to get the best out of a second hand shopping session. You have to get a bit of a knack for vintage fashion but soon you’ll love it as much as I do!

There are some things that make shopping for clothes a lot easier, vintage or otherwise. For instance: making a blacklist of things you aren’t alowed to buy because you really don’t need them. A whitelist is for items you think would really be an addition to your wardrobe. Give you wardrobe a good think-over. What would enhance your outfit possibilities considerably?
 One of the most important things is having a good idea about what sort of fashion style you like most & what works well for you personally. Make a general assessment about what colours, tones & shapes are flattering and express your inner sense of style!

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Have an awesome day everyone!



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