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Vegan Lunchroom Koffie Ende Koeck in AmsterdamYay, vegan food is becoming really popular in Amsterdam! Vegan lunchrooms are popping up everywhere in the Dutch capital. Koffie Ende Koeck, however, has been a pilar of the vegan food community from the very start. Way back when ‘vegan’ was still considered ‘extremist’, ‘incredibly alternative’ or downright ‘rabbitfood’, Maartje was already baking the best vegan pies, crumbles & cakes.

If you’re looking for an inspiring vegan lunchroom in Amsterdam, Koffie Ende Koeck should definitely be on your list!

Hotspot | Koffie Ende Koeck-8Vegan Lunchroom Koffie Ende Koeck in AmsterdamHotspot | Koffie Ende Koeck-6The Cutest Vegan Lunchroom in Amsterdam?

Koffie Ende Koeck had been on my ‘to visit’ list for a looooong time. Somehow I just never got round to stopping by. This week my friend Nathalie had to visit a tattoo parlour near the Westerpark where Koffie Ende Koeck is located. She asked me to come with her and we decided to treat ourselves to an awesome vegan lunch at Koffie Ende Koeck afterwards.

Koffie Ende Koeck is a really small, cosy lunchroom. There’s only room for a handful of people. This lunchroom has a really home-y atmosphere and that’s exactly what Maartje was going for when she set up Koffie Ende Koeck years ago! Another cool detail: everything is made as consciously as possible. And we’re not just talking about the vegan menu… The furniture is recycled & even the paint is environmental friendly at Koffie Ende Koeck!

So… What did we have for lunch? Nathalie got a cream-cheese & tomato sandwich. I decided on a smokey tofu & pickled vegetable sandwich, but I couldn’t resist all the lovely vegan sweets on display… I had to get me a lemon-poppyseed cupcake on the side! NOM <3

All our food at Koffie Ende Koeck was really lovely. Want to check it out yourself? See their insta HERE!

Have you already visited this awesome vegan hotspot in Amsterdam? Let me know in the comments!

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Have a lovely day everyone!



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