OOTD | Days of the Dunes

Holland is renowned for it’s flat, manufactured landscapes. The iconic green “polder” meadows spring to mind. You won’t find dark, dismal valleys here nor peaks that touch the sky. We simply are most comfortable in the middle. The Dutch landscape as an epitome of our national┬ámindset of ambivalence. No wonder the Dutch political structure of negotiations, compromises and cooperation has been dubbed “the poldermodel“.

“Polderen” is all fine ‘n dandy, but sometimes you find yourself craving something more. The beautiful dunes on the island of Terschelling take me back to a more rugged sense of nature. Wilderness versus a walk through the park. The landscape there has a sort of quality to it that can only be obtained by letting nature run it’s course…

A few snaps from a hike with my grandparents through the┬ádunes and alongside the beach. Can’t wait to go back.


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