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OOTD - Winter WonderLand-8

A walk through the somewhat snowy Flevopark

Night temperatures have been steadily below zero these last few days. Whenever this happens most Dutchies typically go into this hysterical “ice-skating craze”. Generally, all common sense is abandoned as people are hoping for the chance to skate a 200 Kilometer tour (see: elfstedentocht). Previously endured afflictions include but are not limited to: amputated toes & frozen eyeballs.

Ehm, I think I’ll just stick to a walk in the lovely Flevopark this Winter…

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The Nordic Jumper Love Affair

I’m absolutely in love with this Nordic jumper! I found this nice asset to my Winter wardrobe in a Marbles Vintage shop a while back. It’s so oversized I mostly wear it as a dress!

As a vegan I try not to buy new fashion items which are made of animal products like leather or wool. This jumper however is second-hand! No animal-cruelty needed to get yourself some warm Winter knitwear <3

If you’re looking to buy more vintage & second-hand clothing, make sure to check out my  “The Pro’s & Con’s of all Second Hand Shopping Options” post!

Enjoy the Winter weather everyone!



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