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Vegan Lunchroom Koffie Ende Koeck in AmsterdamYay, vegan food is becoming really popular in Amsterdam! Vegan lunchrooms are popping up everywhere in the Dutch capital. Koffie Ende Koeck, however, has been a pilar of the vegan food community from the very start. Way back when ‘vegan’ was still considered ‘extremist’, ‘incredibly alternative’ or downright ‘rabbitfood’, Maartje was already baking the best vegan pies, crumbles & cakes.

If you’re looking for an inspiring vegan lunchroom in Amsterdam, Koffie Ende Koeck should definitely be on your list!


Fashion Fanatics photo reportage by Joy Photography and interview with fashion stylist Joa AKA Herr Hitpass from Amsterdam. Learn all about his view on fashion and his signature look here on Everyday Escapism!‘Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy but mysterious. But above all black says this: ‘I don’t bother you – don’t bother me.’
– Yohji Yamamoto

Starting off this new ‘Fashion Fanatics‘ series, where I showcase inspirational fashion-minded individuals and their views on fashion, with Joa. Perhaps you’ll know him better as Herr Hitpass, an upcoming high-fashion stylist with roots in the underground (club)scene in Amsterdam.

I was intrigued to learn more about his general views on fashion and about the developement of his signature style, which is characterised by a keen eye for silhouettes, minimalism and a whole lot of black…


Festival Fashion | Park Am See 2016 in Amsterdam... Partyproof outfit inspiration right here in this Festival streetstyle report!

Last weekend I got to shoot another Streetstyle report at the unexpectedly sunny Park Am See festival. The last-moment location change thanks to the permit-retracting Dutch government (sarcastic yay for bureaucracy) from the Blijburg Aan Zee beach to the urban location at Sloterdijk didn’t spoil the fun… The decorations were set in place and the Park Am See team created a beachy oasis right in the middle of industrial Amsterdam!

Hit the READ MORE button to check out some party-proof outfit inspiration! Also, want to know what people liked about Park Am See festival specifically? Check out the mini-interview below <3


Festival Fashion streetstyle report at Vrijland 2016 celebrating our national holiday (5 mei). Vrijland was held at the lovely terrain on Blijburg aan Zee in Amsterdam and we got to shoot a lot of awesome people! Which look do you like best?

Last week I attended Vrijland Festival at the lovely location Blijburg aan Zee! The atmosphere was great, the music on point and the weather was lovely… What more could you possibly want when celebrating the national Dutch holiday on the 5th of May?

Check out all these lovely people I got to capture in this Festival Fashion streetstyle report!

Feeling inspired yet? Which look would you wear? Let me know in the comments below <3


Festival Fashion street style report at DGTL, Amsterdam. The first festival of the season!

Last weekend DGTL festival started off the festival season in the Netherlands! This annual electronic music festival in the long Easter weekend always represents the opening of the festival season for me and many others. You could really feel people getting out of their Winter sleep and longing for the Summer parties again… Although the Summer temperatures weren’t exactly there yet we still enjoyed a few precious moments of vitamine D intake during the daytime hours at DGTL & got the change to shoot some awesome festival fashion!

We saw lots of minimal and sport inspired outfits with toned down colours. Think: all black looks, bomber jackets, classic sport brands & caps. Also, a lot of other trending fashion items like: flares, faux fur, lace-up tops, mom jeans…

In other words: make sure to check out this street style report and get some inspiration for the festivals to come!


This bondage inspired harness is one of those hate it or love it things I guess. A lot of people in the Amsterdam Techno scene have been wearing one of these and I really like the effect it adds to an outfit! I combined it with a simple yet chique white blouse & pencil skirt... What do you think of this look?

This bondage inspired harness is one of those “hate it or love it” things I guess… A lot of people in the Amsterdam Techno scene have been wearing one of these and I really like the effect it adds to an outfit! I didn’t want to go full on faux leather with this harness so I opted for a more subtle option made out of elastics. Maybe I’ll get a faux leather one as well but I first wanted to see how this one looked!

I combined it with a simple yet chique white blouse & pencil skirt… A classic combo with a modern twist! What do you think of this look?


vega/vegan friendly Hotspot Cafe De School in Amsterdam (West)After visiting De School a few times at night to bounce to the fine Techno beats Aimee and I decided it was time for a daytime visit. Oh, how very decent of us!

Former founders of the notorious Trouw opened De School just this year. Just like Trouw this venue is not only an international nightclub but also a restaurant and cafe. Restaurant Trouw was always famous for it’s high focus on veggies so I was delighted to hear that the food at De School would also serve us vega(n)’s well… Excited to see what all the fuzz is about? Check out this sneak peek of luncharea Cafe de School!


Hotspots | Bar Basquiat in Amsterdam East (vegan friendly)

Yay, another vegan friendly hotspot near my residence! Bar Basquiat recently opened in Amsterdam East. With so many cool new places popping up in the Javastraat you can really tell Amsterdam East is an up and coming neighbourhood. Although Bar Basquiat isn’t an all vegan lunchroom they’ve got loads of veggie options and with just a few adjustments and a little help from the friendly staff you can easily turn a vegetarian lunch option to a vegan dish <3


A Festival Fashion street style report at house/techno festival Strafwerk 2015 in Amsterdam

Hi lovelies,

As promised the new Festival Fashion pics are online now! I shot these street style photos at Strafwerk festival last weekend. I really enjoyed taking these shots and finally there was some decent sunny festival weather this day! Add some rad house and techno beats and what more could you possibly want?


Hotspot De Ruilhoek Secondhand shop Amsterdam on Everyday EscapismToday is the day: I’m going to share with you the very first time I’ve worn designer clothes! As you may know I do a lot of thrift shopping and tend to go for vintage or second hand items which I combine with some new pieces. As a student, designer clothes are (unfortunately) a bit above my pay check…. My friend Dennis however, let me in on a little secret: De Ruilhoek, one of the first second hand shops in Amsterdam, has opened a webshop where they sell the designer pieces they receive for a reasonable price!

Hit the continue reading button to see me in D&G!